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Portable Handheld Sewing Machine

Total Sewing Beginner: My Daughter and I Mastered the Use of Portable Sewing Machine in Just 10 Minutes, Crafting LOVELY Doll Clothes!

Natalie ThompsonJuly 23th, 2023In DIY & Gadgets

"The best sewing machine yet: Affordable, space-saving, wireless, fully automatic, and one-handed operation. So simple to use that even my 8-year-old daughter can craft doll clothes. DIY with my daughter for the perfect summer vacation......" 



As a mother, I always explore the world with my daughter, who loves getting hands-on with things herself.

During summer vacations, I take my daughter out for activities like kids' rock climbing, zip-lining, amusement parks, picnics, and more.

However, we gradually lost interest in these outdoor activities as we've tried almost everything. Plus, summer heat makes staying at home more comfortable. So, this summer, we planned to find things to do at home.

When I stumbled upon this portable handheld sewing machine, I knew it would bring a surprise for my daughter!

It's just perfect – affordable, space-saving, and most importantly, easy to operate, ideal for beginners like us!

When I showed my daughter the portable sewing machine, I demonstrated how to insert batteries, thread the needle, and power it up to start sewing.

She was immediately captivated by this magical little device. She ran to her room and fetched her dolls, joyfully exclaiming, "Mom, let's make some new clothes for the dolls together!"


We used old clothes to make doll clothes and it was a great success!

I quickly dug out old clothes from the bottom of the trunk – my plaid shirt and my daughter's small polka dot pajamas that she couldn't fit into anymore.

Since we had never done sewing DIY before, we didn't have many colorful threads at home.

Fortunately, the needles, threads, and tools that came with the portable sewing machine were a big help.

My daughter and I measured the doll's size, watched DIY tutorial videos online, cut the fabric, and finally used the portable sewing machine to sew the pieces together.

With just a press of a button and gentle movement of the fabric, the machine automatically threaded the needle through the fabric. In just a few seconds, we had an adorable mini skirt.

My daughter dressed the doll in the new clothes and happily bounced around the living room.

Afterward, we made three more doll outfits – all turned out to be a great success! We had a fulfilling afternoon!

My daughter used the sewing machine to create small gifts for her friends. They also wanted a sewing machine...

After making doll clothes, my daughter has become quite skilled at using the handheld sewing machine

Then, she and I went almost crazy searching for DIY ideas online.

In the end, she followed a DIY tutorial and made several small pouches to give to her friends. They loved the pouches and also wanted to try their hand at making their own.

Thus, during the hot summer vacation, I accompanied my daughter and her friends for a DIY party at home.

Later, their mothers asked me where I bought the handheld sewing machine, as they were eager to create lovely fabric crafts from old clothes too.

I never imagined this portable handheld sewing machine would have such a big impact.

I guess it's because it truly enables everyone to easily complete sewing tasks, breaking barriers for those without advanced sewing skills.

How to use the Portable Handheld Sewing Machine? Let's uncover its secrets!

✅ STEP 1: Install batteries.

Being battery operated, gives you the cordless convenience with simplified usage. It runs on 4 x AA batteries that will sew up anything, anywhere.

✅ STEP 2: Thread the needle.

 STEP 3: Press the switch to start sewing.

It was easy! So easy, I couldn't believe it. ALL I need to do is simply press switch and move cloth!

You will see the flawless stitches appearing on the fabric, and that sensation is truly magical. Both adults and kids alike will adore this process!

After creating more fabric DIY projects, a few other mothers and I agree on the reasons why we fell in love with this Libiyi Portable Handheld Sewing Machine:

❤️ IT'S SO EASY TO USE even for beginners!

Thoughtful sellers have included step-by-step usage diagrams on the product details page, making it easy to familiarize yourself with the operation within just 10 minutes. Even children can quickly learn to use it!

👜 Mini size & Incredibly portable

Compared to traditional sewing machines, it's truly mini, fitting effortlessly into your handbag and easily gripped with one hand. When not in use, it takes up minimal space for storage.

💲 Budget-friendly option

If you want quick sewing without spending a fortune on a professional sewing machine, choosing the handheld sewing machine can save you at least $100.

⚡️ Quick fixes for clothing holes

This small sewing machine are suitable for on-site maintenance and emergency sewing at home or on travel such as fixing hems, mending a torn pocket or shortening trousers,and so on.

 Save effort and time

This single stitch sewing machine is small and compact, making it so much faster and easier than using a needle. Great for on spot repairs and alterations, can be quickly attached to a flat edge with the push of a button.

🎉 Ideal gift

The ideal gift for kids, siblings, and parents on Children's Day, Birthday, Mother's Day, Valentine's Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas.


People absolutely love it! Let's take a look at the collection of 1000+ reviews:

What amazed me is that this little gadget has monthly sales of over 3000 units, and it might continue to rise!

The product reviews have surpassed 2300, with over 1000 reviews featuring images. I've witnessed people's boundless creativity:

Cord organizers, drawstring pouches, plushy rattles, hats, hanging decorations, coasters, dresses for 5-year-olds, doll clothes...



From these, I've found even more DIY inspiration, finally putting old clothes at home to good use!












People are raving about it:

Thousands of 5-star reviews raving about how it's a complete game-changer:

"I'm a seamstress by trade and have completely fallen in love with my handheld sewing machine. It takes a little bit of time to learn the threading as it’s different from the full size sewing machine. I can finish 4 pillows in less than 30 minutes."
- Sarah W.

"Whoever invented this is genius! I'm a complete sewing novice Following a DIY video on Youtube, I made this fabric pouch, and this device was a tremendous help to me. If you also want to try your hand at fabric DIY, you really should try it"
- Megan H.

"This sewing machine is small and handheld so it can be taken anywhere so you can easily sew on the go and fix any mess your handed. I use it to mend ripped pillows, hem skirts and pants, sew cloth grocery bags. Worked perfectly!"
- Hayley C.

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